The mission of The George Washington University Student Association is to further the interests and promote the welfare of all students at GW. Our responsibilities are defined in four ways: to advocate, allocate, advertise, and assist.


Made up of three distinct branches, the Student Association at The George Washington University serves as the main student governing body, representing more than 26,000 undergraduate and graduate students across the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses. 


Originating in 1908, the Student Association at The George Washington University has embodied many names and faces, but has always shared one common goal: advocating for the needs of the student body.


Student government system is founded


"Student council" replaces initial governing model


"Student assembly" abolished by student referendum


"Student association" is chartered by the board of trustees

In its current institutional model, the Student Association was chartered  by the Board of Trustees and is governed by its constitution and bylaws. These bylaws are passed through the Student Senate and are carried out by the Executive Cabinet. In order for a constitutional amendment to pass, it must receive popular support in a student-body referendum.

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