The Executive Branch

Student Association President

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.- Maya Angelou

The Executive Cabinet

Made up of a combination of Vice Presidents, Directors, and Senior Policy Advisors, the Executive Cabinet represents and advocates on behalf of student interests and campus-wide initiatives. These student leaders are dedicated to every issue at GW, from academic affairs, to diversity and inclusion, to sustainability, and more.

The Leadership Team

The leadership team is appointed by the President and assists the President with managing the Executive branch. Their roles are crucial for policy development.


Gaurav Gawankar


miles Richardson


President's Chief of Staff

Amy Martin

Nicole connamo

The Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents are nominated by the President and are mandated by the SA Constitution. Their appointments require a 2/3 vote in the Senate to be confirmed.

George Glass
Financial Affairs
Shealyn Fraser
Public Affairs
Jean Hyun
Judicial and Legislative Affairs
Liz Gonzalez
Academic Affairs
Tonya Jefferson
Graduate Student Policy
Hannah Edwards
Diversity & Inclusion
Yannik Omictin
Governmental Relations
Paige Grande
Student Activities
Anna Weber
Campus Operations
Drew Amstutz
Undergraduate Student Policy
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The Directors

Directors are appointed by the President at their discretion and are not confirmed by the Senate. This allows directorships to be created as needed.

International Students
Tino Stephens
Greek Affairs
Liam Johnston
Greek Affairs
Student Engagement
Julia Kerrigan
Interfaith Engagement
Youadan Teddy
Student Health Services
Emily Rosenkrantz
Survey Design
Arzina Lakhani
Student Advocacy
Mikaela Tajo
Mount Vernon Affairs
Food Experience
Abby Sides
Veteran Student Affairs
Hannah Clayton
The Arts
Commuter Student Affairs
First-Gen Student Experience
School Spirit & Pride
Legacy Review
Mental Health Services
SA Historian
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