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Our Impact

Throughout the academic year, Student Association members work together with university administrators, staff, and student leaders to propose changes and make recommendations to existing university policies, while also advocating for improvements to all aspects of the GW student experience.

Our Reports

Keeping the student body informed is one of our most important duties. Below are some of the many publications that we produce each year to outline the state of student affairs at GW and what we've done to improve the it.

March 2021

The Student Association is proud to share the first-ever

Project Review. In 2020, the Senate passed the Project

Evaluation Act to empower the Student Association to

reflect upon, evaluate, and adjust its past projects to make the most efficient use of student funds and better its advocacy efforts.


January 2021

Previous Administration Reports

Our previous administrations have also worked hard to advocate for a better student experience. You can read about everything from clickers, to dining, to affordability, and more!

President SJ Matthews and Executive Vice President Amy Martin presiding.

President Ashley Le and Executive Vice President Ojani Walthrust presiding.

President Peak Sen Chua and Executive Vice President Sydney Nelson presiding.

Interested in advocating for student needs?

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