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Condemnation of Anti-Semitism

The Student Association and the Diversity & Inclusion Assembly of The Student Association strongly condemn the acts of anti-Semitism displayed by members of the GW community. This is the second act of documented hatred that has surfaced in the span of a month at GW. We implore members of the GW community to recognize that these incidents are not isolated or stagnant. Instead, we ask the community to realize that the institutional culture of GW is allowing ignorance, discrimination, and hatred to breed. 

If we continue to treat these incidents as simple deviations from GW’s values, we are serving an injustice to all those who are affected. This is a reminder that we, as members of the GW community, have to be proactive, not reactive. As echoed earlier, when we are faced with instances of discrimination, we must stand up and hold others accountable.

Diversity & Inclusion Assembly Chair, Raina Hackett


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