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Condemnation of Hysteria

The Student Association strongly condemns the antisemitic defacement of a student’s door in Mitchell Hall. The defacement consisted of a swastika and Hitler motif, which is repugnant. This display of hate and ignorance is blatantly antisemitic and has deeply affected our Jewish community. By desecrating a student’s personal property within a GW residence hall, the attacker(s) continue a pattern of antisemitism on our campus, which instils fear and pain in Jewish students.

We condemn this antisemitic aggression and call on University administrators, housing staff, and Safety and Security to take prompt action in identifying and taking proper punitive actions against the perpetrator(s).

The Student Association stands in solidarity with the GW Jewish community at this time and always. The Task Force on Fighting Antisemitism, which crafted this statement, was formed in the aftermath of a November antisemitic incident. The goal of this committee is to take action in the face of these events and to work diligently to combat hatred on campus.

The SA Task Force on Fighting Antisemitism


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