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Condemnation of Racial Insensitivity

The Student Association strongly condemns the racism displayed by the president of GW Phi Sigma Sigma. We do not condone acts of intolerance in any form and are sincerely disheartened by this event, as it goes directly against the values of diversity, inclusion, and respect held by this university. 

The Student Association recognizes that this is not an isolated incident and that such a pattern speaks to a larger issue within the GW community. Two years ago, this university came together to address the problem of racial inclusivity facing this campus, and while progress was made, we clearly have so much further to go. We can no longer wait until these events occur to take reactive measures; we must be proactive in taking a stance against prejudice.

GW is a place where all students deserve to feel safe and welcomed, and we will continue to work to make sure every member of the GW community feels supported. Feel free to come to us for anything you need during this time. Our doors are always open.

President SJ Matthews

Executive Vice President Amy Martin

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