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GW Listens Expansion

The GW Student Association is proud to announce the addition of the anonymous text line and online chat to GW Listens. These new services will give students more flexibility to receive confidential support from their peers — specifically providing options for students who do not feel comfortable speaking on the phone.

Mental health is a top priority for the GW Student Association. Other SA initiatives relating to mental health include advocacy that led to the relocation of Mental Health Services to the Marvin Center and the addition of free Mental Health Service sessions for students. We look forward to advocating for additional improvements to our mental health resources on campus.

As GW Listens returns this Sunday, September 10th, we want to recognize the hard work of GW Listens Director Anastasia Parvankin and Director of Information Technology James Harnett, as well as the student volunteers who help GW Listens fulfill its essential mission of providing peer-support.

Call us at (202) 242-8255

Text us at (202) 517-2926

Message us online (available September 10th)

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