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Joint Elections Committee Charter Reform Committee

On Sep. 13, the Student Association Senate unanimously passed SB-F17-03, creating a special committee to review and propose changes to the Joint Elections Committee charter.

The Joint Elections Committee is the governing body for all student body-wide elections, including the Student Association, Program Board, and Class Council. In working to amend the JEC bylaws, the JEC Charter Reform Committee looks forward to making student elections more accessible, effective, and engaging for all undergraduate and graduate students.

The JEC Charter Reform Committee is comprised of six senators along with the SA Executive Vice President, Vice President for Legislative and Judicial Affairs, Senate Pro Tempore, members of the JEC, and one member of Class Council and Program Board. The committee will propose a bill to amend the JEC bylaws prior to the end of the semester.

We need student voices to help improve student elections. The JEC Charter Reform Committee is hosting three town halls in the month of October, to gather the opinions of the GW community. Become a part of the discussion by attending a town hall on the following dates and times:

Town Hall 1 - Thursday, Oct. 12, Marvin 307 at 7 PM

Town Hall 2 - Monday. Oct. 16, Marvin 310 at 7 PM

Town Hall 3 - Tuesday, Oct. 24, Marvin 405 at 7 PM

With our combined efforts, we are confident that the JEC Charter Reform Committee will recommend changes that will positively impact future student elections at the George Washington University. For any questions or concerns, please contact the JEC Charter Reform Committee at

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