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Launching the Student Advocacy Corps

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

How familiar are you with the disciplinary process at GW? Are you currently facing a charge but uncertain on what your options are to move forward? We know many students struggle with these difficult questions, and we are committed to provide the support they need to help ease their experience during the disciplinary process. Today, the Student Association is excited to announce the launch of the first ever Student Advocacy Corps at GW.

The newly-created Student Advocacy Corps (SAC) hopes to help you answer these questions. The SAC is a service under the Student Association Executive Cabinet that provides GW students with new access to well-trained, knowledgeable peers who will serve as advisors on an individual, case-by-case basis. The SAC seeks to give students greater access to confidential, peer-led support to guide them through the disciplinary and academic violation processes at GW.

Through our partnership with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibility, student advocates will receive training on GW’s disciplinary process, their roles as advisers, and how to best guide their peers in a professional and confidential manner. The program will officially begin in the 2019 Spring semester.

The application for the first SAC cohort is open and will be due on Thursday, November 15th. Learn more about the program here, and apply today!

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