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Reforms to the Office of Student Financial Assistance

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The Student Association has been aware of growing concerns regarding many students’ financial aid packages. Students have shared stories of delay, lack of communication, and their inability to register for classes or even graduate because of financial aid complications. To members of our community who have been impacted by this issue, we hear you, and we have taken your concerns seriously. In response to these events, the Student Association has been working with the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) to understand the issues better and to work toward solutions.

In conversations with the University, we have advocated for reforms to prevent issues like these from arising in the future and ensuring that students with ongoing concerns have their questions answered. Following these conversations, we are pleased that today, the University is announcing a set of reforms to the OSFA. Those changes include a Financial Aid Student Advisory Council, a new aid counselor model, and new staff positions. The advisory council will be launched as a joint effort between the OSFA and the Student Association, creating a space for students to share their concerns and advocate for reforms. We are particularly excited by the new aid counselor model, which will pair every student with a dedicated financial aid counselor to provide dependable and personal support.

Improving the financial aid office has been a priority for the Student Association this semester, and we are confident that these changes offer a crucial first step in the right direction. Students who have ongoing concerns about their financial aid should reach out to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. If you are interested in joining the new Financial Aid Student Advisory Council, please visit

Learn more at GW Today.

Ashley Le

President, GW Student Association

Reed Elman Waxham

Senior Advisor, GW Student Association

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