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Senate Vacancies Open for Applications

Senate Vacancy Applications can be accessed by clicking here and it's due on June 30th at 11:59 Eastern Time.

The following seats are open for applications

  • School of Business, Graduate Student Seat (3 available)

  • Milken Institute School of Public Health, Graduate Student Seat (4 available)

  • School of Nursing, Graduate Student Seat (1 available)

  • School of Engineering & Applied Science, Graduate Student Seat (3 available)

What does the SA and the Senate do?

  • Serve as representatives of their affiliated student population. Proactively engage with students to understand their experience, needs, and questions.

  • Participate in the university decision-making process, such as amending the Code of Student Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity.

  • Represent students in university bodies, such as Joint Committee on Faculty and Students, Student Grievance Board, and different advisory councils.

  • Allocate and administer Student Body Funds, including funding to graduate student umbrella organizations.

  • Provide feedback to the University on student-related policies and/or practices.

  • Act as the student counsel for university administration, faculty, and staff.

What are the expectations of a Senator?

  • Attend meetings (including Full Senate Meetings and committee meetings; virtual options are available, or you can appoint a proxy);

  • Communicate with your peers to raise their concerns;

  • Provide feedback to University Leadership on student experiences;

  • Host office hours (minimum 1 hour/week in the fall-spring semester, can be virtual);

  • Time commitment is 2-5 hours/week (depending on your availability and committee involvement).

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