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Top Textbooks at GW Libraries Launch

The Student Association is excited to announce the Top Textbooks at GW Libraries program -- starting in the Fall 2017 semester. In recent years, the escalating price of textbooks has become a growing concern for undergraduate and lower-income students, who often struggle to finance the required materials for their courses. This program will allow students in more than 30 undergraduate, high-enrollment classes to access textbooks for free-of-charge.

Textbooks will be placed on course reserve, and made available for 2-hour loans inside Gelman Library during the Check-Out Desk’s hours of operation. Students will also be able to use textbooks overnight in the library if they are checked out in the two hours before the Check-Out Desk closes and returned by 9 am on the following day.

President Peak Sen Chua first proposed a program to lighten students’ financial burden with course materials in the Spring 2017 semester. By helping to launch the Top Textbooks at GW Libraries program, the Student Association remains committed to improving academic accessibility and affordability for all students.

The Student Association would to thank the GW Libraries staff for their support and hard work in making this program a reality. To find the full list of courses included in the Top Textbooks program, visit

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