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The mission of the George Washington University Student Association is to further the interests and promote the welfare of all students at GW. Our responsibilities are defined in four ways: to advocate, allocate, advertise, and assist.


The needs of our student community are constantly changing and may not fall under the scope of these eight priorities. Beyond the priorities listed here, the Student Association also take on and continue different projects. We welcome suggestions on where to direct our energy next to best improve your GW experience! Shoot us an email at or submit a GW Voice petition.


As the first year is crucial to the success of every student, we seek to create a program with core curriculum for students across the University, where they will receive academic guidance, be supported in their transition, and get connected to the University community.


We recognize that food insecurity is prevalent across college campuses, including at GW. We seek to provide students with low-cost food options through the creation of the first-ever student-run food cooperative and through our partnership with Hungry Harvest. 


We are committed to advocating for a diverse and inclusive community for students from all background. We seek to improve our campus climate by pushing for a comprehensive diversity training course, and increasing multicultural representation through the Diversity and Inclusion Assembly.


The price tag that comes with a GW experience often places many financial burdens for students, including in their daily lives. We advocate for more affordable living expenses, from lowered laundry pricing, to printing costs, to free-of-charge rental spaces for student organizations.



Last year, the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) spearheaded by the Student Association successfully brought changes to many important health services, including a more affordable insurance plan, free-of-charge counseling sessions, and the installation of an electronic health record system. Student voices are integral to the improvements of health services, and we advocate for the formalization of SHAC so that officials and students can continue working together to bring about changes.



With over 14,000 graduate students enrolled at GW and through online courses, we know their experience matters too. This year, we began the first "What Grad Students Should Know" newsletter, outlining resources and important information for graduate students. We also advocate for the creation of emergency assistance funding that graduate students can access to when a crisis or emergency occurs.



Mount Vernon Campus has always been a unique part at GW, yet students who live on the Vern doesn't always feel quite at home. This year, we hope to explore how we can better the experience for Vern students through securing free-of-charge lockers on the Foggy Bottom campus, and promoting programmings to be hosted on the Vern campus.

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