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The Committee on Financial Services and Allocations, as known as the Finance Committee, is one of the standing committees in the Senate. The Committee's name and responsibilities were updated by "SB-S21-10 The Financial Allocation Modernization Act" and "SB-S22-03: The Financial Reform Act" in response to changing university financial policies and student concerns.


The Committee has the power and jurisdiction—

  • to review amendments to Part V of Bylaws, shared jointly with the Committee on Governance and Nomination;

  • to review and consider matters required to be referred to the committee under the Bylaws;

  • to originate all budget, appropriations, and allocations of Student Association Funds;

  • to publish an annual financial report of the financial activities for the previous fiscal year, shared jointly with the Treasurer;

  • to propose and review amendments on the rate of student association fee, shared with the Committee on Governance and Nomination;

  • to request and evaluate the continuing study of the effect on Student Association Fee;

  • to request audit the financial activities of any student organization, including the branches of the Student Association, at any time;

  • to call meetings or hearings related to financial matters as necessary;

  • to request the executive financial officers of a student organization to testify before the Committee regarding the financial affairs of the student organization;

  • to educate on the policies of the committee for all members of the Senate;

  • to review legislation concerning the Office of Student Financial Assistance, University Budget Office, University Controller, University Investments, Students Accounts Office, and Student Services Hub;

  • to view financial information of student organizations; and

  • to develop rules and policies that delineate operating procedures as it may be necessary by a two-thirds majority vote of its membership.

Committee Members

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