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The Committee on Governance and Nominations (G&N) is one of the standing committees in the Senate. The Senate Chairperson Pro Tempore serves as the Chairperson of the Committee on Governance and Nominations.


The Governance and Nominations Committee shall focus on issues and legislation concerning—

  • amendments to the Constitution and these Bylaws, with such amendments pertaining to financial matters jointly shared with the Financial Services and Allocations Committee;

  • screening candidates for all Senate vacancies;

  • working with the Presiding Officer in the operation of the Senate;

  • impeachment, removal, recall, and censure;

  • the allocations appeal process, during which the Chairperson Pro-Tempore shall serve as Chairperson of the Allocation Appeals Committee;

  • general oversight of internal Student Association operations across all three branches of government; and

  • general oversight of all Senate Committees.

Committee Members

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