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Student Life

The Committee on Student Life is one of the standing committees in the Senate. This Committee is divided into two sub-committees by graduate/undergraduate academic standing. Sub-committees meet separately, but also meet jointly if necessary.


The Committee on Student Life shall focus on issues and legislation concerning—

  • Student-Related Policies such as Student Grievance Procedures; Sexual Assault Policies/Title IX Office, Office of the General Counsel,

  • Community Engagement such as Athletics, Civic Engagement and Public Service, Community Relations/GICR, and Military and Veteran Affairs;

  • University Programs such as New Student Orientation;

  • Diversity and Inclusion such as MSSC;

  • Student Organizations such as Greek Life, Student Organization Policies (Non-Financial);

  • Communication and Arts such as Bookstore (Non-Academic Related Issues), Creative Services, University Galleries and Museums, GW Publications, and Media Relations and University Communications; and

  • Development such as Career Center and Alumni Relations and Giving,

  • Mount Vernon Campus and other satellite campuses.

Committee Members



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