Kai Simson



Committee Involvement

  • Vice Chair, Graduate Education Policy

  • Chair, Sustainability

  • Governance & Nominations

  • Physical Facilities & Urban Affairs

  • Graduate Student Life

I am currently a second year graduate student in the Graduate School of Political Management. I moved to DC about a year ago now from Sedona, Arizona. I received my bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Northern Arizona University, in the majestic mountain town of Flagstaff. During my time at NAU, I had the opportunity to serve in various roles in the Associated Students of Northern Arizona University as a Senator in the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch as the Vice President of Government Affairs. In these positions, my goals were to continue building the relationship between the student body and our student government.

Now, serving as a Graduate Senator in the GW Student Association, I hope I can use my prior student government experience to effectively advocate for graduate students' voices and ensure we have a seat at the decision making table. It is important to me that our voices are not ignored especially since grad students are the majority of the student body here at GW.

Lastly, never hesitate to contact me to ask any questions or express any opinions on any topic. I am also happy to meet to go over any issue that is on the top of your mind. I am here to represent you and your voice!

Raise High!