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The Financial Services and Allocations Committee allocates more than $1.3 million in Student Government Association fees to over 600 undergraduate and graduate student organizations. In addition to allocations, the SA accepts funding requests in the form of co-sponsorships, and category transfers to support events and operational expenses for student organizations.


The Finance Committee holds regular meetings every week. During those meetings, the Committee reviews funding requests. The Committee also considers legislation during those regular meetings if legislation is referred to the Committee. The meeting schedule, agenda, and minutes are available to the public. You can click the buttons below to access those documents and files.

Financial Processes


Student organizations submit to the Financial Services and Allocations Committee (Finance Committee) their proposed general allocation for the coming semester. The Finance Committee then deliberates on these budget requests and allocates no more than the cap determined in the annual budget bill. Typically, more than $7 million is requested by organizations for their initial budgets, so almost no organization ever receives 100 % of their general allocations request. The money in the budget account does NOT roll over to next year.



A co-sponsorship is a request for funding of an on-campus event open to all GW students. Your request is considered by the Financial Services and Allocations Committee. All student organizations (including graduate umbrella organizations and their constituent student organizations) are eligible to receive a co-sponsorship from the Committee.


The Student Government Association and the Office of Student Life started a new allocation process – “University-Wide Programs Fund.” University-Wide Programs Fund offers student organizations opportunities for funding campus-wide events, celebrations, and traditions that enhance the student experience at GW. Click the title for more information!


You can apply for category transfer at any time using this form. The Committee will review your request during every week’s meeting and there will be a result email sent to you after reviewing.

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The reclamation process is not to punish in any way, nor is any student organization guilty of any wrongdoing. Rather, the purpose of the Committee’s annual reclamation is to locate SA funds that were allocated to organizations to be used during the Fall semester, were not spent either in full or in part, and can now be returned to the Co-Sponsorship Fund to be re-allocated to organizations throughout the remainder of the semester.

Org Resources

Student Org Finance Resource

Contact Us!

We strongly encourage all student organizations to follow the Committee’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. We will regularly post any updates from the Committee. This may include:

  • Temporary funding standards

  • Funding policy changes and explanations

  • Reminders for the upcoming deadline

  • Mistakes that are commonly seen by the Committee

  • Meeting schedule, agenda, and reports

Finance Committee's Social Media

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