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Visit his office hour anytime by sending an email to meet over Zoom or in the SGA Office (427, University Student Center)



Hi! My name is Ethan Lynne and I am honored and excited to serve as your Vice President for the 2024-2025 academic year. Originally from the town of Ashland Virginia, I became active within state and local politics at a very young age. I first got involved at 10 years old and became the longest-serving and youngest-ever intern with the Democratic Party of Virginia. 


I became passionate about GW the second I stepped foot on campus for a tour as a high-schooler. Hailing from a small town, I had always dreamt of going to school in a city, paired with a deep fascination in our political system, GW instantly became my dream school. I have loved and continue to love this school because of the amazing faculty and resources, the incredibly unique student body, and the never-ending activities and experiences that DC and Foggy Bottom have to offer.


Since being at GW I have been heavily involved with the Residence Hall Association, serving as the President of both Thurston and Shenkman Hall. I am also a proud member of the GW College Democrats and work in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a junior fellow. This allows me to talk to hundreds of prospective students and support and assist future GW students and their families every day. 


Last year, I served as a CCAS Undergraduate Senator and Chair of the Financial Services and Allocations Committee where I oversaw the disbursement of over 1.3 million dollars to our student organizations and club sports on campus. I also introduced and passed the largest funding reforms for student organizations in SGA history. This will provide more money for our student organizations than ever before. 


This year, I will build on the work we accomplished in the Senate last year. I worked with campus partners, and I was able to introduce legislation that reduced the cost of Plan B, making it the most affordable option in DC. I also worked to simplify the line item creation process, making it more efficient and significantly reducing the wait time for student organizations. 


As your Vice President, I am excited to serve and advocate for the student body, because, as always, your voice is my promise. 

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