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The Executive Branch

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I'm focused on student safety, experience, and health!! Looking forward to a great year. 


The Cabinet

Made up of a combination of Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Policy Directors and Senior Policy Advisors, the Executive Cabinet represents and advocates on behalf of student interests and campus-wide initiatives. These student leaders are dedicated to every issue at GW, from academic affairs, to diversity and inclusion, to sustainability, and more.

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The Leadership Team

The leadership team is appointed by the President and assists the President with managing the Executive branch. Their roles are crucial for policy development.

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chief of staff

chief of staff

Senior Staff

Senior Staff members are appointed by the President and are mandated by the SA Constitution. The positions are dedicated to advising the President on policy initiatives and general leadership of the Student Association Executive Branch.

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Alfredo Granados

Senior Policy Advisor

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Senior Policy Advisor

Executive Cabinet

Secretaries and Directors are nominated by the President to serve as the liaison with GW Departments and Students for the SA Executive Branch. Some appointments require a vote in the Senate to be confirmed.

Staff Team

Members of the Staff Team are appointed by the President at their discretion and are not confirmed by the Senate. Staff members help the Executive Branch further student service and advocacy. These positions are created as needed.

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