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Ed Policy

The Committee on Education Policy (Ed Policy) is one of the standing committees in the Senate. This Committee is divided into two sub-committees by graduate/undergraduate academic standing. Sub-committees meet separately, but also meet jointly if necessary.


The Committee on Education Policy shall focus on issues and legislation concerning—

  • Academic policies such as Academic Calendar, Academic Integrity, University Bulletin, and Academic Planning and Assessment;

  • Curricula of the various schools and departments;

  • Academic infrastructure such as Academic Technologies/CIO, Blackboard, Bookstore (Access to Textbooks), Disability Services (Academic Related Issues), Libraries, and Printing;

  • Enrollment and student success such as Research, Academic Advising, and Admissions;

  • Academic programs such as Study Abroad and Honors Program;

  • Relations with the Faculty Senate, Council of Deans, and the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs; and

  • The hiring of Deans and faculty members.

Committee Members



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