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Statement on Comments Concerning the Jewish Community

The GW Student Association is aware of online comments made a few years ago by a current senator. We do not tolerate religiously insensitive and offensive behavior or language, and anti-Semitism is not acceptable in any form, in any conversation.

It is disheartening to see a student perpetuate and share discriminatory beliefs against the diverse Jewish community. We reaffirm our commitment to creating spaces where all students feel safe and welcomed. Student organizations should be a point of community, not division.

In our mission to promote and support the welfare of every GW student, we reaffirm our values of fostering an inclusive and respectful campus culture. We expect all members of the Student Association to adhere to these standards and hold each other accountable to upholding these principles.

Peak Sen Chua

Student Association President

Sydney Nelson

Student Association Executive Vice President

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