The Legislative Branch

I think legislation is such a powerful medium, when done properly. The language that you use can really carry a message, and can carry a message with weight.

The Student Senate

The SA Senate is composed of both undergraduate and graduate senators, representing every college within the university. Senators draft and vote on bills and resolutions, allocate money to student organizations, and work on policy projects.


The Student Senate meets biweekly on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. in Marvin 309.

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Don't just read about the legislative process –– see it in action at our next full-Senate meeting! Click here to view our year-long schedule.

The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is appointed by the Executive Vice President and  confirmed by the Senate. They assist the EVP with carrying out all administrative tasks of the Legislative branch.

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Jay Burghardt
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        Catherine Morris 

Senate Chief Policy Advisor  

  Senate Policy Advisor

       Senate Policy Advisor 

The Senate Committees

Within the Senate body are four committees and one assembly, which are headed by student chairpersons and cater to distinct needs of the legislature. Committees meet weekly and are open to the public.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee allocates more than $1.7 million in Student Association fees to over 500 undergraduate and graduate student organizations. In addition to allocations, the SA accepts funding requests in the form of spring allocations, co-sponsorships, micro-loans, and line-item transfers to support events and operational expenses for student organizations.

 Meet the Finance Committee 

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee advocates for improvements to on-campus issues outside of the classroom. In the past, the committee has worked on projects ranging from expanding dining options, to changes in Safe-Ride, to improving school spirit. 

 Meet the Student Life Committee 

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee focuses on issues surrounding advising, libraries, and all other aspects of academic life on campus. The committee has routinely advocated for projects concerning course descriptions, syllabi access, and the cost of textbooks.

 Meet the Academic Affairs Committee 

Governance & Nominations Committee

The Governance & Nominations Committee is responsible for filling Senate vacancies, overseeing proposed amendments to the SA Bylaws, and keeping the EVP informed of the progress of the three permanent committees. The Chairperson of the Governance & Nominations Committee is the Senate Pro Tempore.

 Meet the Governance & Nominations Committee 

Diversity & Inclusion Assembly

The Diversity and Inclusion Assembly works closely with the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement to advocate on behalf of multi-cultural student groups on campus. The assembly also creates strategic plans to ensure representation and foster multi-cultural community outreach.

 Learn more about the Diversity & Inclusion Assembly 

The Senators

Popularly elected by their respective school, SA Senators directly represent the interests of undergraduate and graduate students at GW. Senators embody the Student Association's mission: to advocate, allocate, advertise, and assist.

Sen. Aborisade Jr.
Sen. Carpenter
Sen. Packer
Sen. Alizoti
Sen. Levy
Sen. Guo
Sen. Young
Sen. Bao
Sen. Mason
Sen. Mills
Sen. Falcigno
Sen. Peeler
Sen. McNeil
Sen. Rastgoo
Sen. Noor
Sen. Tapoo
Sen. Abera
Sen. Zhu
Sen. Smith
Sen. Weinmann
Sen. Snyder
Sen. Tolbert
Sen. Siaw
Sen. Pradhan
Sen. Henriques
Sen. Waldrop
Sen. Scales
Sen. Johnson
Sen. Witte
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