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Vice President



Vice President and
Presiding Officer of the Senate

       The Student Government Association is the liaison between the student body and faculty members, staff, and the university administration. We advocate for you by representing students in university governing bodies and committees, acting as the student counsel for the university, participating in decision-making processes, and providing feedback to the university. We are here to serve you and make our GW experience exciting and unforgettable.

Senate Updates

Senate Meetings

The SA Senate is composed of both undergraduate and graduate senators, representing every college within the university. Senators draft and vote on bills and resolutions, allocate funding to student organizations, and work on policy projects.

The Student Senate meets biweekly on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time To follow its happenings, click on the graphics below.

Senate Vacancies

Are you interested in joining the Senate? Click the button below and apply for an open seat!

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