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Condemnation of Anti-Semitism

The Student Association strongly condemns the anti-Semitic statements made by students of the GW community. This rhetoric is unacceptable, as it not only spreads hatred, but also promotes violence. Anti-Semitism has no place in our community or anywhere else. 

Instances like these are an important reminder that there is plenty of work to be done in the GW community toward understanding and promoting all students and their backgrounds. We all have a duty to hold each other accountable when any form of discriminatory acts arise, regardless of whether or not they are published online. We urge all community members to consider the impact of their words and acknowledge the value in supporting our diverse student body, which includes the Jewish community. 

The Student Association stands in solidarity with the GW Jewish community at this time and always. We are always here as a resource and are available for students who wish to talk.

President SJ Matthews

Executive Vice President Amy Martin

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