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Over the last few years, conversations regarding the state of dining and food insecurity at GW have been one of the most highest priority in our advocacy efforts. This year, we collaborate with University officials to form the Food Experience Task Force, a platform where student leaders, faculty, and administrators work together to study and evaluate the dining experience at GW.

Today, we are happy to release State of Dining At GW, a report on the student food experience. The following report and recommendations are informed by survey data, the lived experiences of GW students, and the diverse expertise of our group.

Throughout the report, you will find a comprehensive overview of history of GW dining, followed by an examination of dining affordability at GW. The report also discusses student-driven initiatives that are currently working to enhance the GW food experience, as well as the call for more culturally-appropriate food options. Finally, “The Future of GW Dining” discusses recommendations developed by the task force to strengthen the dining experience at GW.

It is our hope that this report will further illuminate the experiences of current GW students and inform positive changes to campus dining. Our work to address food insecurity is not over yet, and we hope to hear more feedback from you as we continue to advocate for long-term changes to your dining experience at GW.

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